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Finding bliss, joy & rejuvenation

Yoga Mindfulness Recovery Retreats Ibiza are guiding you to a more joyful, healthy and fulfilling life through high quality, heart-warming yoga, blissful mindfulness and transformative therapies.

Our present life is so demanding that we hardly know who we are anymore and how to feel joy.
Yoga Mindfulness Recovery Retreats Ibiza
provide personal guidance in yoga sessions and step-by-step mindfulness by experienced retreat host
Jasmine Nooij, while you will be served delicious healthy food daily, to inspire you to live to the fullest and come back to natural happiness and passion for life again and result  in total rejuvenation, relaxation and transformation of body, mind and spirit and additionally providing a great base of yoga and mindfulness to apply in your daily life.
Yoga Mindfulness Recovery Retreats Ibiza will fully adjust to each level, and need, of yoga and meditation practise.

Insight Yoga
A unique yoga style, developed by Jasmine, who considers it, The Highway to Bliss.
Insight Yoga works on all levels, Body, Mind & Soul and effectively combines Kundalini yoga, Hatha & Yin Yoga, Mindfulness & Breath work to teach you how to cultivate present moment awareness while it also raises the energy field of the body and strengthens the nervous system to bring mental and emotional stability.
With much emphasis on awareness and achieving a higher state of being you will practice various asana's, kriya´s, breath work and meditation to achieve a higher sense of wakefulness, deep
feelings of bliss and inner Joy and additionally your body gets more flexible, slim
and soft because of releasing bodily tensions.

Mindful Yin Yoga
A relaxing and meditative form of yoga with a tremendous stress reducing effect on body and mind teaching you to effectively cope with anxiety, pain and stress.
Poses are held longer, ranging from one to twenty minutes, while you fully relax in a pose to soften the muscles and connecting tissues and fascia. In every pose mindfulness is being practised to get intimate with your feelings, thoughts and experiences and observe them with acceptance and an open mind, whatever may be.

An ancient meditation technique, finding its roots in the teachings of the Buddha and teaching you to look at reality as it is. To witness and observe life from a little distance without thinking of the past or the future or without judgment on the present. During this retreat you will learn mindfulness step-by-step and how you practise to be in the Now and enjoy the beauty of it, and how you can apply this in your daily life.

The Yoga Mindfulness Recovery Retreats Ibiza are held in in a small natural sanctuary in the pristine North of Ibiza island, situated in enchanting nature, in close proximity of the famous hippy enclave Benirràs Beach.

These small scale retreats help you unwind and retrieve your joy in a group of max. 7 persons enabling everyone to take their space and connect with one selves, or enjoy a retreat for just you and your friends, or family.

daily retreat program:

09.00 - 09.30 hrs - Mindfulness meditation
09.30 - 11.00 hrs - Empowering morning yoga
11.00 - 12.00hrs - Super healthy brunch
12.00 - 18.00 hrs - Time to relax, explore Ibiza, or your inner being with soul coaching or massage
18.00 - 19.30 hrs - Mindful Yin Yoga or Mindfulness workshop
19.30 - 20.30 hrs - Dinner
20.30 hrs - Free to fill in, Group meditation or Evening event

Yoga Mindfulness Recovery Retreats Ibiza dates and details
Yoga Mindfulness Recovery Retreats Ibiza dates & details

Thursday 12 - Wednesday 18 May 2016
(6 nights)
Sunday 12 - Friday 17 June 2016
(5 nights)
Thursday 21 - Sunday 26 June 2016
(5 nights)
Saturday 2 - Friday 8 July 2016
(6 nights)
Saturday 16 - Friday 22 July 2016
(6 nights)
Friday 12 -Thursday 18 August 2016
(6 nights)
Saturday 20 - Friday 26 August 2016
(5 nights)
Friday 9 - Wednesday 14 September 2016
(5 nights)
Friday 16 - Wednesday 21 September 2016
(5 nights)

accommodation options:

Prices for 6 nights & 7 days
- Triple shared Hippy chic Yurt € 895  pp
- Single occupancy € 1295 pp
- Shared room for couples € 995 pp

Prices for 5 nights & 6 days
- Triple shared Hippy chic Yurt € 765 pp
- Single occupancy € 1110 pp
- Shared room for couples  € 850 pp
Retreat prices include: (based on 6 nights, 7 days):
- 6 times light morning snack
- 6 times delicious brunch
- 6 times dinner
- Fresh fruit all day
- Purified water all day
- One Soul Coach session / Massage
- 6 times morning yoga
- 4 times evening yoga
- 2 mindfulness workshops
- 1 spectacular theatrical dinner
- 1 sunrise beach yoga
- 1 Ibiza excursion or nature walk
Prices exclude: Flight ticket, Rental Car, Airport transfers, Travel Insurance, Transport